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Sometimes the world is a valley of heartaches and tears.

I was really rooting for you. Not because I wanted to somehow have a romantic relationship with you, but because you genuinely seem like a nice guy. But right now you’re just proving to me that… no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be enough for anyone.

Maybe I just placed you on a high pedestal (I tend to have that problem, I know). Maybe… I don’t know. Maybe you’re not as nice of a guy as I thought you were. There was something there. I felt it. Between us, I mean. But you’re kind of just killing the possibility of what may be there. I don’t know if it’s because you’re scared or if it’s just because you don’t want it to be with me. Or maybe I’m just over thinking everything and there was never a moment between us…

So if this is the end between you and me, I just want you to know that you’re pretty solid. You’re a good guy. Any girl would be lucky to date you — I don’t think I was ever a possibility for you, but it’s nice that you entertained the thought. So before this gets anymore weird and I get even more… emotionally invested in you, I’m going to stop this. Put an end to it. But it’s not like that would really matter since you’ve ended this a few days back.

But who knows? You always manage to surprise me right when I’m on the cusp of giving up. But I think that maybe it’s time to just give up and let you come to me. That is, if you want me?


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