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Always second best.

What’s that saying? About eavesdroppers? That they tend to hear what they don’t like. Same goes for… checking, I guess. And man am I fucking depressed.

So I’ve been talking to this guy since mid May and he really… I thought he seemed really nice, you know? Totally different dynamic from my ex; this guy actually talks to me every single day. He’s kind of boring but he makes me smile, you know? Makes me laugh and feel a little tingly inside.

All I’m saying is that I hope I’m not a side hoe again. I was a side hoe with the very first guy I dated (he’s fifteen years older than me, found out he’s married to a pregnant woman), and my ex (he was married. and has two kids. one of whom is nearly 10 years old). Why do boys do me dirty?

I am hoping to God and praying that… I don’t know. That I didn’t read the signs wrong. That this boy is actually interested in me… that I’m good enough to be more than just another side hoe.



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