Love Life

Getting over you.

I have never had my heart broken like this. I’ve had my heart broken many times – when a friend ditched me for other friends, when I failed a class, when the guy I had a huge crush on dated one of my best friends. But I was never in a relationship in which I actually cared very deeply about the other person.

I am still not too sure how to get over you. But I am going to try. Because I don’t want to be sad anymore; and you clearly don’t want me. So.

  1. Delete your phone number
  2. Delete our message threads
  3. Delete every picture I have of you… EVERY SINGLE ONE
  4. Cry; it’s healthy and normal
  5. Remind yourself that you are a god damn treasure, and someday you’ll find someone who thinks so too
  6. Remind yourself why you broke up in the first place; it just wasn’t working. For either of you
  7. Give it time. Trying to force yourself to get over him won’t help at all. You can do this.

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